Bullet Journal

In January, I discovered ‘bullet journal‘. It’s a journal for writing and keeping track of habits and ideas, with a tracking system on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

I use this to track my habits, but also to introduce new habits in my daily routine.
Every morning I start with my bullet journal and start with the trackers. For each day I’m keeping track(with a bullet) when I did this activity. At the end of the month, you can evaluate the progress of your habit.

My biggest weakness is to eat more avocado (some bullets), so this activity will continue for the next months eventually when I made a good progress.

Besides of keeping track of my habits, I use it to write about my experiences at work or in private life. And naturally, writing about the beautiful things in life where I’m grateful for.

Also, thinking about the next coming months, you’ll activate your brain to come with new ideas. Just like me, my goal for next year is to start with running 5 miles.




Yesterday I started a profile on Gofund.me on this platform I can receive some donations for my Master.

I wrote my story here for the donators and set some donation levels combined with giving them a present. I’ve just been creative, because it’s quite hard to give people things in exchange for a donation. I really don’t know what they want or what is suitable. So, I just came up with some ideas of giving them a bow tie, a package of Dutch candy or a Personal Training Program. There is also an option that donators can give a problem or case, where I can help them. I’m excited about what kind of people are going to react and how I can help them.

Also, I’m energized for preparing myself for the study.



Master of Science in Controlling

In 2010 I started with my Bachelor Finance & Control. The subjects of this study were so interesting to me. I received my propaedeutics within 6 months. I learned so much in this short period. Then a teacher told my about the future plans after this study. He was telling about his developments and journey when he followed his study. At that moment, when he mentioned Master of Science in Controlling, I was sold.

This has become my dream since 2010, so now 7 years later it’s still my wish to start with this Master.

Hopefully, I can start in September 2018.