First Time Skiing @SnowWorld

I’ve arranged a team event for our colleagues, we went indoor skiing @SnowWorld . We were with a group of 19 , and some of them without skiing experience. Including me…

First it was a struggle for me to get in the elevator, I still have sore arms of pulling myself upstairs and gliding away…

So, I stood on the hill searching for my colleagues to get some instructions and then I thought… Well, I just go down skiing #GewoonGaan. The first seconds I experienced freedom. Then I got more speed and I panicked, because I didn’t know how to stop or reduce the speed. I experienced it like I went faster than my car. The only option that came in mind was to scream out loud that I was coming, so that the people on the hill were warned. When I saw the boards coming closer, I decided to lower myself and just hang in there and try to sit on the ground. When I managed this I let myself fall and laid there down at the bottom of the hill exhausted and thrilled. I survived my first time skiing without harming anyone or myself. 🙂

My legs were shaking….adrenalin kicked in. I stood up, got some instructions and repeated to slide of the hill many times, without falling..!

IT Security Event @Jaarbeurs Utrecht

On November the 2nd the IT security event has been held at jaarbeurs Utrecht. My colleague and I had an assignment to do an investigation of our competitors. For being the only female visitor in a dress it was quite interesting. After working in the IT industry for a couple of years, I’m used to the low female ratio vs man in a room.
We enrolled for some workshops:

How process digitization can increase your business value

Locatie: Theater 08: IT Service Management & Control

Hacking data in motion – Encryptie essentieel, ook voor uw netwerk

Locatie: Theater 02: Cyber Security

The Internet of Things – Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly

Locatie: Theater 04: Cyber Security

Hacking with POWERSHELL

Locatie: Theater 10: Cyber Security


During the Christmas event there was a speaker trying to fool us with his speech. He did a few mind games to confuse everyone. I looked to his costume and thought this isn’t tailormade, so he should be a comedian…

But then he did a game, he asked the audience to think about a shape that comes first in mind. First, I was thinking about a square and then I chose a triangle.

Some descriptions of the shapes:

Triangle: headliner, not showing emotion, ambitious, perfectionist.

Square: structured person, focused on details , corporate.

Circle: people who are focused on relationships, social, family oriented.


Inner child

A month ago someone told me to get my inner child back, because I lost it. This was true, when I’m focused on working, I become a serious person and I keep this attitude. Even when I’m with my friends or going out.
So, I decided  to bring my inner child back.


Recipe – Nasi Goreng

This recipe is from my mother, and she was born in Indonesia. She learned me the to cook and also my taste for spicy food increased. As hot sauce I use ajumba peppers or madame Jeanette.

I advice to use rice, that you already have cooked the day before. This is better for the flavor and texture. We always cook rice in a batch and freeze it for a later moment.


Print Recipe
Nasi Goreng
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Indonesian
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
2 people
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Indonesian
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
2 people
  1. Chop the onions and garlic in pieces and fry it in hot oil. Wait untill the onion changes color, getting glazed.
  2. Then add the eggs and whisk these around so that they are becoming tiny pieces of solid egg, so not an omelet. Add a pinch of salt.
  3. For flavor, add sambal and ketjap manis/soja sauce.
  4. When your mixture is ready and it's smelling delicious the last step is to add all the rice. Then you mix it around untill the rice has the same color as the mixture.


When I was a kid, I already helped my parents with their firm. My parents sold clothes on the market for 10 years. I wore the clothes, showing them on the market. I also helped choosing the clothes for selling at the vendor.

Nowadays, I’m selling products on a virtual marketplace, because you have a lot of contact with people and I love to negotiate! Sometimes people are getting mad if I’m asking a high bid, but they can make a counter offer. Actually, I’m already expecting this because when you are doing business there is always room for negotiating.
Most of the times, they just give it up but, they are scared to make a counter offer or get mad. Then the game is over…

Always make a counter offer when you negotiate!


Christmas @ work

Today we celebrated Christmas at work.

We had a dinner, a presentation, a tour at the departments, and we received our ‘kerstpakket‘, it is Dutch for Christmas package. Our kerstpakket was filled with food and drinks for celebrating Christmas at home.

Below, I made a short movie of the celebration at work. The song is ‘Feliz Navidad’, because this song really brings the Christmas spirit on a Spanish way.

My daily routine

Right after waking up, I do a morning glance, I think about what matters the most in your life and recall pleasant memories. Then I do a small yoga workout on the floor and continue with the rest of my morning routine. My breakfast is natural plain yogurt with a small cup of black coffee. During breakfast I’m getting energized listening to music and singing.
After breakfast, I drive to my work with music that brings me inner peace. Yes, it is Julio Iglesias.

At work, I start by making a to-do list with the tasks of the day and writing in my bullit journal. When my colleagues arrived at work I’ve a chat with them. I think it’s important to always greet every colleague and say ‘good morning’.
During work I drink green tea or ginger tea and eat some fruit as snack.
If the weather allows it, we go outside for a walk. Coming back, we have lunch together at the canteen. I’m not a fan of having lunch in front of your computer screen.

When you are working and busy, try to avoid distractions like your mobile, social media, etc. It costs more time to restart your activity/task when you pause it when changing your focus towards a message or mail. I really avoid distractions.
Another thing I do is when my workday is over, clean up your workspace, and say goodbye to your colleagues, if they are still there. 😉
And if you’re leaving the office, really leave…