Banksy red heart balloon

I visited the MoCo Museum in Amsterdam with a friend of mine. A few years ago we visited Stedelijk.

There was the exposition of Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein. When you walk in front of the museum you already see big coloured statues in the garden. And at the entrancered I saw some heart shaped balloons. When you have tickets you take the right side of the stairs for entering the museum.

The museum has 4 floors, 3 up and one down. The topf floor has 3 rooms, one room there was a television but it was so warm I didn’t wanted to be there so I went to the second floor.

Banksy has a direct way of spreading his message. When looking to one of his paintings, you directly understand him. It has a policital layer and also a comic one. For example, a rebel throwing flowers, or children standing on a pile of weapons. He also uses different materials, wooden doors or cardboards. The monkey, astronaut, the girl with the red balloon was a frequent theme during the exposition. At one painting I thought I was seeing Anne Frank, but it was Mona Lisa. It confused me. Also, the dislike of Disney was noticeable, he doesn’t like the mass conusrism of the park. When I saw the Mickey Mouse figure, it made me happy. There was also a statue that Mickey was eaten by a big snake.
I understand the political message that was painted, like the girl who hugged a huge bomb, disney is only marketing, animal rights, the police dancing in the field. He changed the negative things, into positive better ones. Also. every room has his own theme:’ Have Hope, Laugh Now etc.”

On the lowest floor, it was all Roy Lichtenstein, also with a portret of himself. The contrast with him an Banksy was quite huge to digest. Banksy was political and fun and Roy was more yellow and american pop art. Every room was screaming neon yellow, we didn’t took much time to appreciate his art, because of the contrast and the heat in the museum.

In the shop, we saw a mug with a painting we didn’t saw in the museum with a panda bear holding guns. It was funny and cute at the same time.

In the garden we took some fresh air and I like the red gummy bear statue. I think it was funny, because the bear was in custody. Also, a dislike of Disney was presented in a statue, the face was down and his face was his bum.