This small Japanese restaurant is located next to Amsterdam Rai. It’s better to book a table, because it’s always crowded. Most of the time, always with Japanese business men. Even on the Saturdays.

In the summer you can sit outside on the wooden picknick tables. You receive a warm cloth, for washing your hands. And the waitress is always nice and lovely. You get a list, where you can write the number of orders next to the dish, just like ordering tapas at Cubanita’s. The chopsticks are from plastic.

What my friend and I love the most, is the chicken skin. Number 4 on the list. Unfortunately, last time it wasn’t mentioned on the list. My friend was laughing so hard, he just draw a box with number 4 and wrote ‘chicken skin.’ and ordered 6 portions.Then the waitress came back and told us it isn’t prepared here anymore, because of the amount of smoke it causes.Sad smile

What we usually order: 4 bowls of rice, chicken skin and all the other meat dishes(pork belly) with some vegetables. When we order tea, we get some special green Japanese tea. I love this one so much.

As a dessert, you can order two sorts of ice cream, black sesame and green tea.

You can park your car on the street or in the garage: Amsterdam Rai, but that’s quite a walk about  approximately 10 minutes.