Right after waking up, I do a morning glance, I think about what matters the most in your life and recall pleasant memories. Then I do a small yoga workout on the floor and continue with the rest of my morning routine. My breakfast is natural plain yogurt with a small cup of black coffee. During breakfast I’m getting energized listening to music and singing.
After breakfast, I drive to my work with music that brings me inner peace. Yes, it is Julio Iglesias.

At work, I start by making a to-do list with the tasks of the day and writing in my bullit journal. When my colleagues arrived at work I’ve a chat with them. I think it’s important to always greet every colleague and say ‘good morning’.
During work I drink green tea or ginger tea and eat some fruit as snack.
If the weather allows it, we go outside for a walk. Coming back, we have lunch together at the canteen. I’m not a fan of having lunch in front of your computer screen.

When you are working and busy, try to avoid distractions like your mobile, social media, etc. It costs more time to restart your activity/task when you pause it when changing your focus towards a message or mail. I really avoid distractions.
Another thing I do is when my workday is over, clean up your workspace, and say goodbye to your colleagues, if they are still there. 😉
And if you’re leaving the office, really leave…