My name is Kimberly Ruiz, 29 years old and living in Amersfoort. I was also born here on 11 January under the astrological sign Capricorn.

My ambition for working started when I was a little girl. My parents were entrepreneurs and sold clothes on the market. Next to my parents market booth, I started very small with a ‘grabbelton‘, its Dutch for a bucket with hidden presents. After this I sold Pokemon trading cards, at 7 years old. I earned more profit than my parents, that day.

When I was 19, I started studying International Business and Languages in 2009, then I became more interested in Finance and Control, so I switched in 2010. After receiving my diploma I worked as a Finance & IT consultant for several consultancy companies. Currently, I am studying Master of Science & Control at the University.

A few interesting facts about myself:

♥ I’m half Spanish, my dad is from the Canary Islands.
♥ Love running outside, in nature.
♥ Can’t see the movie Notebook ever again.
♥ When driving in my car, I listen to Julio Iglesias.
♥ I love eating spicy food and adding extra hot sauce on everything.

I also like Salsa Dancing


Project Capricorn

Every Capricorn is a strong leader and wants to reach the top. Standing alone or together with other Capricorns. Taking little steps reaching higher every time. Sometimes a Capricorn stumbles and falls down. They fall hard and need to climb up again. But a Capricorn will remain his focus for reaching the highest achievement, getting on top of the mountain.

The ambition and the drive of a Capricorn resemble me. I also want to climb up the mountain, I had some tough struggles, I fell and after a while I climbed up again and stay focused.

This is my journey climbing on the mountains, but I need some support…

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When you want to know more about my project, go to Project Capricorn.